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e-450 dark images help please

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    Re: e-450 dark images help please

    Graham, I'm not seeing your test photos at the above link now, just what appears to be vacation photos.
    Besides that there are too many variables (at the moment) to offer you any constructive tips.
    First, learn to upload photos to your gallery at this forum (which is automatically granted with membership). To do so, the photos need to be resized to something below 1000 pixels on the longest side. Each time you upload to gallery, there's a URL at the bottom that you can then copy and paste into a reply to this thread. Use the "Post Preview" function to see if the image will be viewable here.
    Second, just work on one problem at a time, using one or two photos to illustrate.
    Third, when you have the camera set to Auto, you're giving it license to think for itself. That's okay, but to figure out a problem from this end becomes more difficult. It might be faster to use the A or S modes, or only Manual settings (faster to give you some tips, I mean).
    Post an example of one problem at a time. And rather than rely on EXIF data, include the basic settings (shutter, aperture, ISO, etc.) in text for each image.
    For starters, I'd suggest a regular daylight exposure, no flash. And if you want to concentrate on flash usage, then shoot some sort of plain setting with shallow depth and no reflective surfaces. Keep it simple, and only change one setting at a time!