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Help olympus e450 versus ep2

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  • Help olympus e450 versus ep2

    I own an Olympus E450. I have only the standard lens that comes with it the 14-44 mm

    I like taking portraits and was looking at buying a new lens.

    I am going traveling for 6 months and wanted a small camera that takes good pictures and allows me to control the apperture. While looking for lenses for my E450 I came across the Olympus P2 camera and have seen some great deals

    I just wanted to ask some advice. Would it be a good camera to trade my more bulky E450 in for without down grading the quality of my photos too much?

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    Re: Help olympus e450 versus ep2

    I have it's earlier sibling, the E-P1, which I took travelling around Spain. I'm glad I did, as I had to travel light and the E-P1 produces tremendous images. The E-P2 has a few more enhancements and would make a great travel camera. You will probably be wise to get a spare battery, and the 17mm pancake lens (on my wish list for the future) would be a great combination. Although the E-P2 might not be as quick to operate as your SLR, you gain in it's handy size and the image quality will be pretty similar to your current set-up