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    Hi there, I have an FL36R flash which has 2 choices of battery 2xAA batteries or 1XCR-V3, I thought I'd give the CR-V3 a try and it works great and lasts longer than the AA batteries next step was to get a rechargeable CR-V3, hello!, doesn't work unless warmed up by one of the others first, anybody any ideas why. I asked Olympus and they advised don't use rechargeables, no reason given, regards John

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    Re: flash battery

    I'm no electronics whiz but I think a flash has to suck power out of a battery and then store it in a capacitor before it can fire. Perhaps the rechargeable CR-V3 can't provide proper current for the capacitor? Your "warmed up" suggests the other batteries are pre-filling the capacitor in some way.

    I've been using non-rechargeable lithium AA batteries in my 36r, which are light and powerful and seem to recharge the flash faster than with rechargeable batteries.


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