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  • HELP! Weird noise


    I am trying desperately to identify the source of a problem I -found out that I- have with my camera. On long exposures, besides the normal hi noise levels and the amp noise on the sides, I get some strange lines across the centre of my frame.

    The lines are exactly identical on every shot and they leave a noticeable trace even with the noise reduction on.

    Here is an example, shot with the body cap on and the viewfinder curtain closed, in a room with very low light:
    (as I haven't got any posts yet, I'm not allowed to submit a link. Sorry)

    This is a 60" capture at iso 3200, with NR and NF off.

    I haven't found anything even remotely close to this (other than the amp noise problem) and I'm starting to thing that ether I'm not using the correct terminology or my sensor needs treatment.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Weird noise

    Hi there!
    I have not seen your pic, but from what you described and from the settings I would say, you have got a problem with: banding!?

    A problem I had rather often with my E-520 and long exposures. Don't remember this with the E-30 (no E-3, sorry), but that might be caused by me, just avoiding said settings?!
    The cause for banding is build in I think and not much you can do about, other then give the sensor some light to read out. Try a search for that term and you might get an explanation more sofisticated then I can provide ...
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      Re: Weird noise

      Thanks for the answer.

      Unfortunately it's not banding. I also see banding in my long exposures but this one is something different. At some point I thought it to be a badly cleaned sensor, but since I'm having it in total darkness I'm guessing it's not.

      The bad thing is that I don't remember if I had this problem since day one or if it evolved in time...