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  • HELP! E3 Settings

    My 2 year old (just!) E3 has to be returned to Olympus for faulty Sensor/Prism/Viewfinder alignment. As I use it every day - weather permitting - Olympus UK have kindly arranged for a loaner so my question is this. Can I save my personalised settings, including Modes 1/2, to a card or to my PC and avoid the longish task of manually setting up both the loaner and also my own E3 when it is returned? Any help with this will be welcomed.

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    Re: E3 Settings

    Sorry to say it is a manual task - I found that saving all the settings in a spreadsheet has paid dividends - not only to allow the camera to be reset after a trip the garage for repair but also after some firmware updates that reset the camera.

    It also means that you can view all the settings you have against other people suggestions that you might see without having to juggle the camera and keyboard at the same time.

    A few years ago I passed on the request to have a copy to card or computer of the settings feature to the UK E3 product manager and he agreed that it would be useful feature (even more so if you are using many different cameras) however Olympus does appear to support information flows in one direction only - ie from Japan to the rest of the world only.
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      Re: E3 Settings

      Thanks for your response Derek. Your suggestion regarding a spreadsheet is useful but I have a printout of the Wrotniak setup article (which I heartily recommend) and have marked my settings on that - all 81 of them!