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  • Important Warning

    I felt really lucky at the Photography Show to be able to get the hand made leather strap with my initials & the Pen-F logo, which I filled with silver at home, however today for the first time of using it faied & I only just caught my camera & lens inches from hitting the concrete in Oxford.

    The metal rivet had not corrected fastened the end starp which holds the clip to the camera body. A very lucky save, so if any of you got one please check & spread the message around & let Olympus know

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    Re: Important Warning

    Good grief! I have just duly had a good tug on mine, been out with it all day. Thankfully mine still seems to be OK. Glad you caught it just in time, and hopefully Olympus will come through for you.
    I was lucky, having a short first name, I managed to get my first name on mine!