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Firmware updater not working with El Capitan

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  • Firmware updater not working with El Capitan

    The Olympus Camera firmware updater program is not working with Mac OS 10.11/El Capitan. My EP-5 camera just will not connect to the app, although the SD card is visible in Finder. I do wish Olympus used the firmware update method of downloading Unix executable file or files to the root of an SD card, rather than this live update system.

    Apple has changed the way that applications can access system functions on the latest Operating System. I seem to recall having problems with the previous OS Yosemite and updating my EP-5 on an old iMac, which only runs OS 10.7/Lion, the latest it will run on its elderly but still functional hardware.

    It is probably not worth reporting this to Olympus yet, as they will just say either "this is a beta OS" or "El Capitan not yet supported". I know a couple of my other apps will not run or not run in a stable way in El Capitan e.g. my RAW developer, Capture One and Menumeters. Capture One say they hope to get their app running more stably soon but Menumeters say theirs will probably never work, due to Apple's new signature restrictions and the new System Integrity Restrictions (aka Rootless). I hope the latter is not going to apply to Olympus' camera updater.