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Focus assist Magnification range-driving me nuts !

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  • Focus assist Magnification range-driving me nuts !

    I'm used to using the Magnify focus assist on the E-PM2 and works a treat for old lenses. I'm a bit stuck with the E-P5 in that the range of magnification appears to be X 2.5- 7.I know it should go to X 14 as it does on the E-PM2 and according to the manual it should. But can't work out a way of changing the range. Any ideas ?

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    Re: Focus assist Magnification range-driving me nuts !

    I would expect 5 to 14, does having the x2 digital TC on affect this?
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      Re: Focus assist Magnification range-driving me nuts !

      Thanks for that- it seems a logical explanation as everything was X 2 out. I'd been fiddling with settings for a couple of days and I knew it was something I'd inadvertently changed. Didn't really want to do it, but in frustration this aftie I did a full Reset. This has restored calm the mag has gone back to default of X 10 and I can now change the mag level to X 14. Happy. However, I still don't know what I'd done wrong !