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Photofocus’ 2011 Camera of the Year

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  • Photofocus’ 2011 Camera of the Year

    E-P3 has been selected as camera of the year Photofocus’ 2011 Camera of the Year and I fully agree.
    2 weeks ago I upgraded from my E-P1 to a silver E-P3 twin kit set and I even bought a VF-2 viewfinder.
    Now I have played with it the last 2 weeks, and I am getting more and more impressed.
    Actually I was very pleased with E-P1, Photo were great (until ISO1600), handling okay, Auto-focus not stellar but okay after firmware update, build qaulity and joy of use second to none.
    But the E-P3 tempted my because of the ultra fast auto-focus, the ability to use an excellent viewfinder (the amazing VF-2) and the new MSC lenses promising silent operation and better video.
    I am very very happy especially as I didn't expect much better IQcomnpared to the E-P1.
    But regarding High ISO I now consider that ISO 200-1600 is execellent, ISO 3200 is useful with some care and light post processing, ISO6400 is usefull in some situation with heavy noise filtering and some post processing and surprise surprise: I is possible to use ISO12800 under certain circumstances.

    I have added a few photos I have taken recently

    ISO 800 - 12800 shot NR = Auto Noise filter Low, no flash all resized to 1024*768, No post processing other than crop and resize.
    Lens 14-42 mm MSC

    ISO 800 Using 50mm F 1.4 manual OM lens (Actual aperture F:2)

    ISO 3200 Lens 14-42 mm MSC

    ISO 6400 40-150 mm

    ISO 12800 14-42 mm MSC

    The 40-150 mm is an excellent lens in good light:
    Distance at least 30 meter

    The built-in flash is surprisingly useful:
    Same subject as the ISO 3200 shot with internal flash at ISO 320 14-42 mm MSC

    Internal flash can be used in a creative way. Camera rotated to the right in portrait mode 14-42 mm MSC:

    The FL-36R (and wireless control of external flashes) works very well with the E-P3, unfortunately the VF-2 cannot be used while using an external flash in the hot-shoe
    14-42 mm MSC

    I can 100% recommend the E-P3,

    It is very versatile, excellent building quality, handling is better than most small cameras I have tried, Excellent add-on options (view finder, microphone, pen pal), very good image quality until USO 1600 acceptable (with care) at ISO 3200, ever ISO 6400 plus can we used with post processing, the touch screen is a joy to use, auto focus is extremely fast and veru reliable, even continous seem to work reasonably well.
    Work okay with four-thirds lenses eventhough auto focus is slow-
    A bit expensive but worth every penny, battery life only approx 300 shots.
    I will not ditch my E-30 but this will probably be my number one camera the next couple of months.
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