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  • HELP! Focus Issue?


    I've recently purchased a used E-P1. I'm having difficulty understanding its controls as its quite new for me. I'm self-learning it for now. Have downloaded its user-guide but haven't read it yet

    1. Is there any video which teaches the controls specific to this camera?
    2. When I set the camera zoom (manually - don't think there is a button for it) to 42mm the far-away object that am shooting goes blurred and when I set the zoom to lets say 14-25 it seems ok on the screen. Is it something wrong with the camera?

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    Re: Focus Issue?

    Hi, sorry I don't know your name, when you zoom you need to half press the shutter button to refocus, as that what happens is when you adjust the zoom of the lens it also moves the number of lenses inside so you need to refocus by pressing half way the shutter button.

    Hope this is some help to you.
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