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  • Taking Action Pictures

    As per title, what would be the best setting when down on a race track taking pictures ?

    Why, I been down to Santa Pod for there Retro Show, use the camera on the still shots and it fine, taking clouds and the balance seems to be just right. But when the cars are going down the strip the camera seems to have issues just trying to keep up plus the shot seems to be sharp when I do manage to take some compare to my standard kit of Nikon D90 & std. zoom lens.

    The camera just seems to be hunting for the focus point, then when continuous shots it just seems to be slow.

    The firmware is Body v1.1 the lens I was using is v1.0 (Std Kit lens)

    Any suggestions ??


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    Re: Taking Action Pictures

    I don't think that any of the PENs are really at their best at action photography. You really need to use C-AF and my experience with the EPL-1 is that it is not too good. Maybe better to prefocus on a spot on the track and pan with the car using a slowish shutter speed until that point has been reached before taking the shot and following through. Can't say that I have tried it with anything other than a dSLR but maybe worth a go. But you D90 is likely to be much better at all action stuff.

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