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General purpose lenses for the E-P1

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  • General purpose lenses for the E-P1

    With the bewildering choice of lenses available for use on the E-P1 I'd appreciate some comments on what range of lenses you feel is not only of reasonable quality but also financially at the same kind of level as the camera itself.

    This is what I currently have:
    • 14-42mm MFT kit lens
    • 35mm Macro FT
    • 40-150 FT
    • MMF-1

    I do a wide range of general purpose shots - nothing specialist at this time.

    Are there any glaring gaps in this compact little collection? Any suggestions?

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    Re: General purpose lenses for the E-P1

    Well you have got a good range of focal lengths and the 35mm is a good macro lens.

    Of course what is missing from the E-P1 is a VF which can make things difficult in sunlight. You might like to try the ED 17mm lens and VF-1.

    This gives you a camera like the Fuji X100 at a fraction of the price.
    Peter J

    OM-D E-M1 OMD-E-M5ii Various Olympus lenses


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      Re: General purpose lenses for the E-P1

      I know this is an Oly forum - <whispers> but I do like the look of the Fuji X100.

      Also glad to see that no-one has jumped in and given a list of glaring ommissions in my current gear.

      I do like your idea of the WA 17mm pancake and the VF-1 and I will be looking to pick these up when I can.

      Happy snapping