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Filming HD video EP-1 with 35-100 mm F2 ?

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  • Filming HD video EP-1 with 35-100 mm F2 ?

    I have voluntered to help a group of Taiko drummers mid June
    They want some still photos of the group for which I will use my E-30.
    But the sound of their Taiko drums is really really awesome, so I came up with the thought:

    Is it possible to use the EP-1 with my F2 35-100 mm Lens ?
    (I already have the adapter and a fast SD card).

    I guess that using a tripod, Manual focus and small aperture (9 to 13 depending on light) should produce good sharp video.

    My concerns are:

    1.Are there really major advantages using a SHG 4/3 lens instead of micro 4/3
    kit lenses when shooting video? and I am not (yet) willing to buy a new micro 4/3 mark II lens with MSC )

    2.Is the built-in microphone up to the task ? an extermal microphone would be preferable, but I don't own an EP-2

    My only experience with EP-1 video shooting is from a party where 3 extremely amusing actors served the meals,
    Both video and sound came out nicely.

    Does anyone here on the board shoot videos with an EP-1 and SHG lenses ?
    and do you have any good advice