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Olympus knocks Canon for six

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  • Olympus knocks Canon for six

    I loved my Canon G9 - a super walk-around camera - but succumbed to the romance, gorgeous design and build quality of the original Pen and managed to buy a great E-P1 from one of our members a few months ago.

    I took both cameras on holiday recently - and surprisingly the G9 did not once get a look-in. The E-P1 was perfect for every situation and is now definitely my camera of choice.

    But every cloud has a silver lining and my better half is now the very happy and proud owner of the Canon G9 - quite a step up from her little Kodak.

    The E-P1 is now my only digital camera - having donated all my E1 kit & lenses to my daughter!

    We are all very happy with our cameras