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First outing with new OM-D

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  • First outing with new OM-D

    OK, here we go!

    This is the first time I have posted images on a photographic forum...

    After a charity motorcycle ride called "Ride To The Wall" at the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas (when the place was packed with approximately 15,000 bikers!) my partner and I decided to revisit a couple of weeks ago when it would be a little quieter. We both had new cameras (me with an OM-D and her with a Panasonic Lumix FZ48) and wanted to try them out.

    Weatherwise it was a strange day - very cloudy at times with bursts of bright sunlight then, in the afternoon, a cloudless blue sky. On the way home we drove through a heavy hail storm!

    During our visit we bumped into, and had a brief chat with, a couple both sporting OM-Ds! Can't remember their names unfortunately but I believe they are both forum members.

    From the Memorial Wall, which is located on a small hill, the Parachute Regiment memorial of a Greek Warrior mounted on Pegasus can be seen rising from the trees.

    This image was my first attempt at a silhouette (after struggling with various camera settings!). I have been lead to believe that this is the most photographed memorial in the Arboretum.

    Well, there you go, my first two photo postings... Be gentle.....

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    Re: First outing with new OM-D

    The clouds in your second picture work very well.Enjoy the new camera I know I do.
    All the best

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      Re: First outing with new OM-D

      As an ex serviceman I must make an effort and go to the National Arboretum . Soon
      Anyway a wee critique.
      No1 would benefit from a crop from just above the statue right across the frame. Loose that distracting sky.
      No2 very good If I wasn't such a purist I would crop out those trees.

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        Re: First outing with new OM-D

        Congartulations on posting you first pictures, wasn't so bad was it? I love the silhoueete, it's a striking image and I agree with Andy about the clouds. The trees don't matter too much, but if you are able to clone them out it will make the image even better. Look forward to seeing more of your pictures.

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          Re: First outing with new OM-D

          I agree with what has already been said, two nice photos No1 could do with re-composing Post Production to loose the washed out sky. If you have an image editor that has layers duplicate the layer then change the blending mode to multiply once or maybe twice this will make the whole image very dark but will bring back detail in the sky. Then use a layer mask to blend together and you should be pleased with the result.

          The EM-5 is an amazing camera which delivers excellent results.

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