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EM1 MKll just £200 more than an EM5 MKlll......what's the attraction in the new camera?

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  • EM1 MKll just £200 more than an EM5 MKlll......what's the attraction in the new camera?

    Says it all really.

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    In many ways it's a smaller and lighter E-M1 ii but without a few of the latter's features. These include dual card slots, alloy frame vs polycarbonate, small hand grip, lower magnification finder, slower continuous shooting. But there is evidence that the E-M5 iii has a faster processor. It can do faster video frame rates and reports indicate the AF, although almost identical to he E-M1 ii (including phase detect for the first time in the E-M5 line up) is detectably more efficient. The E-M5 also has Bluetooth.

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    Originally posted by Dave in Wales View Post
    ...What's the attraction in the new camera?
    Size, Dave. Size! Or more particularly, lack of size; most especially the lack of that built in front grip which ruin the ergonomics for me.

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      As they say - One man's meat is another man's poison!
      I found the lack of a front grip really annoying and PE'd my E-M5 as soon as the E-M1 became available.

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    Using fairly recent best prices, EM5 MkII was £842 from Amazon at end of October and EM1 MkII £1,038.86 same place at end June, a £196.86 difference so agree with only £200.

    But to use a lens of any size on the EM5 MkII I'd want to add a grip, plus the prices of EM5 MkII body/lens combinations aren't as lucrative as those with EM1 MkII bodies, so could they could work out around the same cost.

    But as with expensive bicycles/backpacking camping stuff, the more you pay the less you get.


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      It's 200 quid cheaper for a start, smaller, lighter and includes new tech.
      To be fair the camera I had five years ago would still be fine today, but who doesn't like new stuff


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        For just £200 it's a no-brainer IMHO
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          I've used the video button in the editor to show the video in-post.

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        Originally posted by Dave in Wales View Post
        For just £200 it's a no-brainer IMHO
        Not if you want something lighter and smaller.
        More pertinently not if you haven't got an extra 200 quid, not everyone has you know


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          I'm interested from the lightweight travel & street points of view, and I'm very happy with the ergonomics for those uses, including with the heavier lenses I use for those (17 f1.2 & 12-100). It's brilliant with the 15 f1.7 PanLeica and the 12-35 f2.8 Panny.

          Where I'm not sure, and will test properly, is as a replacement for one of my M1ii bodies for wildlife/safari/sports etc with the 40-150 and 300. Maybe the grip will work for that but maybe it won't (wouldn't it be good if you could program the extra dial the grip gives you to ISO? You can't, BTW).

          Furthermore, I need to give the EVF a proper in-real-life test against the M1ii for following birds in flight etc. It might look OLED-pretty, but if it gets in the way of tracking fast birds by eye then it's a no-no, and I'm not going to add it to what I've got already, certainly not at the current price.


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            ​EM1 MKll just £200 more than an EM5 MKlll......what's the attraction in the new camera?
            Originally posted by Dave in Wales View Post
            Says it all really.

            That's changed, but maybe not in the direction some expected. With the OMD EM1 Mkii reduced to £999.00 today only (Boxing Day) at Park Cameras, it's actually £50 cheaper than an EM5 Mkiii
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              I think the E-M1ii is a no-brainer, unless size is of the utmost importance. To me, the big downsides of the E-M5iii are:

              - Battery. Small, limited life, no smart % reading (just a crude measure based on voltage and it's highly unreliable). This is a big deal IMHO. I can't believe Oly are still using that old battery design on a latest-design camera.

              - Only one custom function setting. No ability to assign Mysets to the mode dial (i.e. overriding SCN and other useless settings).

              - Poorer quality EVF (even than the E-M5ii). Smaller magnification, no 120Hz refresh rate.

              - Smaller buffer (fewer frames in Pro Capture, slows down quicker on burst shooting).

              About the only thing the E-M5iii does that interests me is the Bluetooth capabilities.

              This is an interesting comparison:

              For £200, I'd go for the E-M1ii anytime.
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                Meanwhile, for people who don't feel the need for the absolute latest, Jessops have E-M5 ii with 14-150 for just £699. Great value, paying less than some bridge cameras for a versatile and high quality weather sealed kit.



                • Phill D
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                  That's a cracking deal, I bet there is no stock left.

                • RobEW
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                  On the site is says "In stock for next day delivery" whereas for some other items it says "awaiting stock". And there's definitely one on display in the Nottingham store.