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    Re: Advice on lenses

    Originally posted by Tram View Post
    I had a 9-18mm, didn't like it at all.
    Not sharp enough at the edges and wasn't keen on the feel or operation of it.

    Agree with Mike above when he says 12mm is sufficient, another reason I sold my 9-18

    I beg to differ, but then I like ultra-wides. I have a 9-18 (mFT version) and am very pleased with it overall, though results do benefit significantly from post pocessing with DxO Photolab to remove the softness and fringing at the edges (provided you use the raw files). Having to extend the lens before use can be a nuisance (when as is usual I forget ) but it does make it more compact. I would stick with what you've got for now and see whether the extra coverage of the 9-18 would be helpful; 3mm doesn't sound like much but it makes a surprising difference.


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      Re: Advice on lenses

      I you want w i d e, try a fisheye!

      These lenses can give a totally different 'look' but the image can also be 'rectilinearised' with software. the following example was taken using my Meike 6.5mm which also has the advantage of f/2 aperture, which makes it very good for interiors:

      This is the main reason why I stopped using my 9-18mm
      visit my Natural History Photos website: