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  • 'Lost' focus lock

    In the past I had my OM-D E-M1 set up so that with the Lever switch in position 1 it would autofocus and the AEL/AFL button locked AEL.
    When the Lever was flipped down to position 2 then the AEL/AFL button would lock focus (Back Button Focus) and a half press on the shutter would lock AEL.
    This was very useful and saved messing about in the Menu.
    Following a firmware upgrade I was disappointed to discover it no longer works and I cannot seem to get any combination of settings that will make it work again.
    Assuming it was the firmware upgrade that changed this, does anyone with v4.x installed know how to get this to work (autofocus when the Lever is in position 1, and focus lock on the AEL/AFL button with the Lever in position 2)
    All my other function buttons are assigned and I don't want to have to use one of these.


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    Re: 'Lost' focus lock

    As a postcript to the above, I've just learnt from someone on another blog that he still has Back Button Focus working on his E-M1 with firmware v4.1.
    I updated my firmware from v4.0 to 4.1 and then v4.3 within 10 days or so and didn't notice the loss of BBF until after the v4.3 had been installed.
    Firmware v4.2 had a lot of reported problems and v4.3 was supposed to cure these but in doing so it looks like it may have created others - I have now discovered that <Set Home> also doesn't work any longer, so my advice if you have v4.1 installed, is NOT to update to V4.3.
    I belive someone offers the ability to down-grade Olympus firmware, so I shall start looking into that.


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      If it works for you, a small (or large) donation will be very welcome I'm sure
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