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Eating my words

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  • Eating my words

    Hmmm - little things make a big difference.

    Been playing with an E-M1 recently and I find it so much better to use than the E-M5, to an extent I wasn't expecting. A few small changes have transformed the camera for me:

    The grip - I found the E-M5 too small without one, but the extra grip was an irritant - off it came every time you needed to swap batteries. Design fail. The built-in grip on the E-M1 works very nicely.

    The interface - larger buttons and less squidgy make me happier. And the mode 1/2 lever is genius. Now I can use the top dials to change shutter speed, aperture, exp comp, ISO and white balance depending upon what mode I'm in, with the rear pad for switching focus point. I no longer have to remember which button I programmed to do what, and the whole experience is so much faster.

    The ability to use 43 lenses with reasonable AF speeds - happy camper, I have nice lenses and don't have enough money to replace them all with fast m43 equivalents!

    On top of that, the camera preserves all the good points of the E-M5 (I know there were many, but not enough to make me love it), not least its excellent image quality and the superb IBIS. And with the HDR button there are even workarounds to get at exposure bracketing without having to do it through Mysets.

    Looks like Olympus listened very hard when they designed the E-M1 - and it's about to replace three cameras for me (X100, GX-7 and E-3). The current trade in deals are hard to pass up now the camera price has settled down a bit!



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    Re: Eating my words

    It's a great camera Jon. I swayed for a while comparing it to the E -M5. I still think the colours are a little better out of the 5, especially reds, but I've got a preset now in LR that gets me pretty close with the 1. Ergonomically of course the 1 is a lot better and the EVF screen is a big uplift. Overall, it's probably the best camera I've ever had in terms of usability, features and size/IQ balance. Of course, an FF (135) camera will deliver better ultimate IQ, but for me the size/weight penalty doesn't stack up.
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      Re: Eating my words

      Yes I loved my E-M5 once I installed the extra grip, Interesting now that I have recently changed to the E-M1 my fingers still reach across the top trying to find the buttons that the grip had caused to be wide apart on the E-M5. The E-M1 is the most enjoyable camera of the many I have owned, it is just so ergonomically right.
      When the E-M5 first came out Olympus in Sydney and Melbourne at electronic fairs invited owners of FF cameras to photograph a model and she was also photographed on an E-M5. A2 prints were made on an Epson printer and the shooters were asked to select which camera they came from. Most were unable to select. A couple of scientific writers selected on the criteria that the better IQ including clarity and closest colour rendition would be from the FF - they got it wrong! Olympus are certainly raising the bar in all areas.


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        Re: Eating my words

        When the E-M5 first came out I fell for it at once and really enjoyed using it, specially with the smaller bit of the grip. I was impressed by the E-M1 but found it hard to love, compared with the E-M5. But I have now been using the E-M1 for quite a while, and started using both together for rugby - and I find the E-M1 noticeably better to use. I think it is the ergonomics - the placement of the buttons etc. just feels more natural and there are a few small operational changes which I find helpful.

        But .... I still think that at "sensible" ISOs the image quality of the E-M5 is slightly better. Once they get past about 400 the E-M1 takes over, and the higher you go the more pronounced the difference is.

        So basically, in the words of the apparently immortal Wilko Johnson in his song Paradise - "I loved two girls and I ain't ashamed"



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          Re: Eating my words

          I've always had a soft spot for the E-M5, a real ground breaking camera when it was released and still very capable three years on.
          Mine (still in beautiful condition) has now moved onto pastures new (one of my daughters) but I'm still happily acquainted with my superb E-M1 and some nicely matched glass.
          Good to hear that you've recently got acquainted Jon
          Regards Huw

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            Re: Eating my words

            Me too - although some gnashing of teeth when I updated the firmware and lost all my settings. Thank goodness for Dr Google when I couldn't remember how to change the size of the focus point.......


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