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The importance of Sequential+IS Off

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    Re: The importance of Sequential+IS Off

    Originally posted by cinders View Post
    No, I couldn't find it. But... is it set to on or off for sequential shooting in that case?
    The discussion here is about the Menu naming in the E-M1 & 5 model cameras where the wording seems to be back to front to what is intended & it is desirable to have IS ON for sequential shooting. The menu description is "Sequential mode + IS OFF" & the selected setting to have IS on during sequential shooting is to have that menu set at "OFF". In other words, it's like a double negative & double negatives equals a positive. An example is "He didn't want nothing!" and a true grammatical interpretation of that is, "He did want something". This menu option isn't used on the DSLR models (E620, E5 etc).
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