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E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

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  • E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

    I need a backup camera for my exiting E-M1(ii) and I am torn between head and heart.

    My head says "hang on until the M1(iii) comes out".

    My heart says "just think how nice a silver edition would be and you can have it now!"

    The first option is clearly the logical option as I will end up with a better (we assume) camera. With rumours of 40+ Mp, 8k video and MX-1 features it could end up surpassing my old FF Pentax and nearly matching my old 645z!

    Of course, the downside is the wait! Who knows when (or if) it will eventually appear.

    I love the look of the silver edition (yes I know it's just cosmetic ) but I notice that there was only supposed to be a limited number and yet they are still available. I also notice that Wex regularly has them in their used section as 'open box'. Presumably, someone wanted one but once they took one look at it and then returned it

    Is there something about the Mk2 silver edition that no one likes?

    Mmmm, decisons, decisions........

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    Re: E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

    An alternative suggestion. Why not buy a Pen-F as your immediate backup, and then get the next E-M1 as well when it eventually appears. I find the Pen-F an outstanding little camera, and I carry it when I don't need the more advanced features of the E-M1 II.


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      Re: E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

      I do like the look and style of the Pen F and, if it was weather-sealed, I would go for it.

      I have just retired as a commercial photographer doing business images and products and I plan to travel and build on my landscape work. Some of the places we plan to visit could really do with a weather-sealed camera.

      I used to shoot with Pentax and want to maintain the ruggedness.

      It's a good suggestion though, thanks.


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        Re: E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

        My back-up is an E-M5 (silver) It's a lot smaller than my E-M1 but does have the weather sealing, which I value 'in the field'. It survived tropical rainforest in Borneo with no problems. The body is so small that it adds very little to overall kit size and weight. The Mk.iii is supposed to be imminent, so that might meet you requirements.
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          Re: E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

          The trouble is having spent your money on that nice shiny mk II then the mk III will be out with all sorts of improved spec and you will kick yourself. The trouble is that wait.......


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            Re: E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

            Thanks guys.

            The problem I have is that I’m a cake and eat it sort of person. I want my backup to be just as capable as my main. To be fair though, they will probably both get used just as much as I will keep the 12-40 on one and 40-150 on the other. I’ll jus grab the one with the appropriate lens.

            I’m also still in ‘resolution rehab’ from my 36Mp FF K1 and 50Mp medium format 645z, so dropping down even further to the 16Mp M5 would be a step too far. Even though I know it’s enough.

            I love the EM1-2 and really, really, really, want that silver one............but what if the Mk3 came out next month.............

            Decisions, decisions.


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              Re: E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

              In which case, surely the best solution is to have two bodies the same. Otherwise it can get pretty confusing - for example the differences between the E-M1 Mark I and II are fairly small but using both together really addled my poor brain. And with the E-M1 II you can save the setting from one body and load them up to the other so you will know that they are consistent.

              And if one is black and the other is silver you will know which is which



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                Re: E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

                The posts above seem to have covered most of the bases, but another suggestion might be to get a second-hand M1i or ii now. That way you'd lose less money when/if the iii of your dreams appears.

                The Sales section on here is a very reliable source from well-known people, and for not much more (including a warranty) you can often find decent s/h options from the good commercial sources like Wex, Park cameras, SRS, Ffordes, LCE and MPB.

                I take the point about the close-but-not-exact ergonomics of the M1i and ii, which I also found confusing. It's better if the bodies are either identical or else very different in feel and layout.

                Between the 5i and the 1i (and even between the 5ii and the M1i) I'd point out the smaller bodies' relatively poor CAF (although SAF is very good) and the many fewer 'hard' buttons/dials/levers, which might mean dipping more often in to the tricky menu system...

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                  Re: E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

                  I am in line with Mark's previous post, opting for a second hand EM-1 M2.

                  I'm in a similar situation myself, having an EM1 M1 as backup to my EM1 M2. Even though many features are identical there are functional areas where the operations differ for instance custom modes/Mysets.

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                    Re: E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

                    Thank you all for some excellent and logical points. None of which I disagree with. For clarity, and to help the discussion, I think a bit of background is necessary.

                    As I said above, I have just retired from full-time commercial photography. At the same time, we have downsized our home and bought a motorhome. We spent many years travelling to North Africa, Asia and the Arctic Circle in a modified Land Rover Discovery.

                    I mainly used a Pentax K3 with a K5(ii)s as a backup. Next year we plan to revisit many of the countries visited and spend more time a do it in a bit more comfort.

                    Weight and size are limited, but ruggedness and reliability will be key. Hence the switch to the OMD. I would hate to travel to (or through) a stunning location, pick up the camera and find that it has failed. Hence why I am so keen to have a backup of equivalent (or better) spec.

                    Now comes the crunch. I don't need the backup just yet! We don't plan to travel too far away from home until next year (March/April-ish). But I really like the look of the silver edition (although I haven't seen one in the flesh).

                    They keep popping up on offer or 'Open Box' 2nd Hand on Wex website (only 15 miles away). Which is a great temptation.

                    Or should I hold off in the hope that an OMD-EM1 Mk3 magically appears in the next 6 months?

                    Does anyone have the silver edition and, if so, is the finish/colour good? I am surprised that they are still available and so many keep popping up 'Open Box'. Is there something about their appearance in real life that is putting people off?

                    Budget is not a major concern so long as the EM1 Mk3 stays roughly in line with the current model.

                    Head or heart, heart or head.........


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                      Re: E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

                      If you do get one stick to Black. It is far less flashy and obvious, which is important with the sort of travelling you are planning. (I used to put black tape over the word Nikon on my film cameras.)

                      I doubt the E-M1 III will be released for a long time yet, perhaps the end of 2020.

                      I still think you should get the little Pen-F, it is much smaller and lighter and is fine as both an emergency backup and when you want to go somewhere and carry almost nothing. Then in a year or two you could get the E-M1 III when it has been out for a year and its price has dropped.


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                        Re: E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

                        I get what you’re saying but I spent many years travelling to dodgy and deprived areas with my old OM-2n and never felt any worries. Then again, that was back in the early eighties and things are very different now☹️

                        When we’re travelling, my wife used one camera, with a standard zoom and the other was fitted with either a wider zoom or a telephoto. That way we could swap easily.

                        So, although it would be a backup, it would be in regular use. Hence why I want it to be equal to the EM-1:2. I’m afraid, as much as I like the idea, the Pen-f just won’t be suitable.


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                          Re: E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

                          OK, so it isn't really a backup, it is a second camera, in frequent use. In that case get an E-M1 II.


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                            Re: E-M1(ii) silver edition or Mk3?

                            Originally posted by Growltiger View Post
                            OK, so it isn't really a backup, it is a second camera, in frequent use. In that case get an E-M1 II.
                            Yes, I suppose 'Second Camera' would have been a better way to describe it

                            But do I get the silver edition or wait?

                            I'm still hoping someone will respond that has the silver version and tell me what the finish is like.


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