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Focus point indication during playback

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    Re: Focus point indication during playback

    Originally posted by AMc View Post
    Sadly it doesn't appear to support Olympus cameras
    This one certainly does but it only works on a Mac and costs $8.99 from the Mac App Store.

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      Re: Focus point indication during playback

      The Softmatic program shows the focus point for the Mk I camera but not for the MkII unless Back Button focussing does not store the info in the Raw file.

      Further testing shows that reguler focussing ie not Back Button will give a focus point that will be shown by the program.

      Aperture (RIP) did show focus points if requested. Sadly the last Aperture does not handle the RAW files from the Mkii camera yet the Photos app does support the Raw file but does not show the focus point.
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        Re: Focus point indication during playback

        Blimey - so many solutions to a problem that you can't help Olympus could solve in Workspace!

        I'd need a program that works on Windows with Olympus cameras - seems to be a unicorn!
        PhotoME does enough in combination with LR6 - I can see roughly where the focus point is in PhotoME and see what the actual image looks like in LR6.