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So, is the AF better with firmware 3?

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    Re: So, is the AF better with firmware 3?

    I felt confident to try C-AF with some grey-headed flying fox (fruit bats) with some reasonable success (AF 5 x 5).

    K7238988-cr by Ross, on Flickr

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      Re: So, is the AF better with firmware 3?

      Originally posted by Tordan58 View Post
      Nice Barn owl, Ron.

      Now to the topic. I updated the FW to 3.0 and put it to test. Strong gusty winds were prevailing, meaning near perfect conditions for action down by the shore and some (at times) challenging BIF.

      Basically I tested using both the 5x5 and 11x11 AF points, center AF priority. Used the focus limiter set to 35 meters to make sure I would not take these long distance shots that I would delete anyway. I came hone with some 1000 shots in total, I believe I have a sample population large enough for a fair assessment of the results.

      Immediately after I started shooting I felt the behavior had changed. It is hard to explain in words, an attempt would be "the camera is better at re-acquiring focus after losing it". Before usually only the first or last shot/s in a sequence of say 5 shots would be in focus, if/when camera lost focus then it would have been a lost cause.

      In the Foto Fair I have uploaded a sequence demonstrating how good the CAF is at maintaining focus.


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