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ART settings anyone?

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  • ART settings anyone?

    As a fairly recent EM1 Mark 2 convert (and new to Olympus), I was wondering how many of you more seasoned users like or use the `ART` settings on the camera? I really like the feature and feel that it brings a different slant to its use. Its fun too I think! I took these two recently on an organised shoot at the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway close to where I live in Gloucester.
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    Re: ART settings anyone?

    I always shoot RAW and if I feel like playing with the ART filters, I do it in the Olympus Viewer software.

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      Re: ART settings anyone?

      I have used them occasionally in camera so I can see what an image will look like in B/W whilst I am still there, but I would suggest using RAW+JPEG so you get a colour file to process afterwards if you decide you want something different

      TBH I don't remember ever using one I had processed in camera, but as I say as a preview they have a use, and if you get something you like OOC then excellent

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        Re: ART settings anyone?

        I like the dramatic one but it does need to be used sparingly.