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Sensor dust issues on Olympus m4/3 cameras?

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    Re: Sensor dust issues on Olympus m4/3 cameras?

    I have had 5 cameras since 2011
    I have had dust issues twice my ex demo E-M1 arrived with a massive dust bunny but it went away
    I did have to clean a massive object from my E-M1 which it couldnt shift recently the first sensor I have cleaned.

    I am not that careful about changing lenses and my cameras do not have it easy

    I worry about sea spray

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      Too much Oly gear.
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        Re: Sensor dust issues on Olympus m4/3 cameras?

        I have used five FT & mFT bodies, E-1, 3 & 5 and E-M1 & M1ii, and I have never noticed any dust in images. I have occasionally seen a hot pixel, if that's the correct term, with the E-M1ii but that's a different problem entirely. It has happened so rarely that I haven't been motivated yet to get it fixed.




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          Re: Sensor dust issues on Olympus m4/3 cameras?

          Since getting into the Oly system starting with the E-330, 6 Fourthird have passed through my hands and then moving on to the EPL-1 till today, 5 Microfourthird, only 1 of the Em1mk2 had to have the sensor cleaned twice. Once was after a trip to Hokkaido where a pollen hooked to the sensor and another after my first trip to Bromo when a volcanic ash got in.

          Those were the only 2 times I had to send the camera in for professional cleaning. Other than that, pointing the camera downwards, with the Body Cap on, and few ON/Off of the sensor manage to dislodge the dust and a blow or 2 with a rocket blower.

          Just a note, I also have 2 Panasonic, GX7 and GX8, Both had to have their sensor professionally cleaned. No amount of on/off or blower could get it clean.
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            Re: Sensor dust issues on Olympus m4/3 cameras?

            Like drmarkf I always take more than one body on safari and have rarely had to change a lens. I've not had any dust problems in twelve years with FT and MFT bodies.

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