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Fuji/Olmpus compatibility

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  • Fuji/Olmpus compatibility

    For future reference, is there (with the aid of an adaptor) any Oly/Fuji compatibility?

    I know that you can use Pany and Oly lenses on the other's bodies, but can you with Fuji and Oly? I mean the latest m4/3 ones?

    I also know that you can use 4/3 lenses on m4/3 cameras, and also even classic OM Zuiko lenses - I have the adaptors.

    If not, then maybe that is a shame as it would be useful.

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    Re: Fuji/Olmpus compatibility

    The sensor/flange distance on Fuji is smaller than u43 (17.7mm vs 19.25mm) so it means you can't use Fuji lenses on u43. The other way won't work either because the image circle will be too small.
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      Re: Fuji/Olmpus compatibility

      Aren't Fuji APSC? if so why would their flange be shorter?
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        Re: Fuji/Olmpus compatibility

        Originally posted by blu-by-u View Post
        Aren't Fuji APSC? if so why would their flange be shorter?
        Because it is their chosen design for their mirrorless cameras, not DSLR's. Just like Sony chose to have a short flange distance for their mount (don't ask me which one though).
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