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So what made you Choose Olympus then?

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  • So what made you Choose Olympus then?

    My Kit (OK I'm a hoarder...)
    4/3 E500, E510, E30 + 35macro, 50macro, 7-14, 11-22, 14-45 (x2), 14-54, 40-150 (both types), 50-200, 70-300, 50-500,
    m 4/3 EM1MkII + 60 macro, 12-100 Pro
    FL20, FL36 x2 , FL50, cactus slaves etc.
    The Boss (Mrs Shenstone) E620, EM10-II, 14-41Ez, 40-150R, 9 cap and whatever she can nick from me when she wants it

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    Re: So what made you Choose Olympus then?

    Originally posted by shenstone View Post
    1. Timing.
    2. Perceived Quality.
    3. Features.
    4. Futures.
    All of the above (1..4)
    6. Value

    Olympus was the only system that could offer me a equivalent of a 50mm f/1.4 that could be used full open and have image stabilisation and dust filter. It needed the indoor ability to better or equal a M6 with 50mm Summilux and Fuji 800 film.

    Without the E3 viewfinder improvements, I would have continued to wait (as I had done for many years) until the right combo appeared from someone else.

    E-3 + 25f/1.4(US import) was significantly cheaper than any of the other similar solutions and future rumoured models ( M8/9, 5DmkII+50 f/1.2, D3+Zeiss 50f/1.4 etc.)

    Now I'm with Olympus with so many revered lenses to choose from, it seems like it was a good choice. But my fingers are now crossed they add a few compact primes next year.


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      Re: So what made you Choose Olympus then?

      My first SLR was an OM1, followed by an OM2 and a fair selection of lenses (all of which I still have). My fist digital camera was an Olympus mu point and shoot. I started looking for DSLR, various friends had Nikon and Canon gear but they struck me as 'clunky', then I saw the E-510, fondled it, used one, bought it!

      I may be able to use some of my legacy glass, when I have learned what all the buttons, menus do



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        Re: So what made you Choose Olympus then?

        are there other camera makers then?


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          Re: So what made you Choose Olympus then?

          The massively favorable ratio of 'features per pound' associated with Olympus cameras when compared to other manufacturers.

          This then turned into something more than a hobby... i.e. madness, the rest is history!!


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            Re: So what made you Choose Olympus then?

            As john said the 'bang-per-buck' is unbeatable. Plus i didn't want to be another Canon Nikon drone!

            I also prefer the 4:3 AR rather than the 3:2 of 'the comeptition'



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              Re: So what made you Choose Olympus then?

              Some of the above naturally, but one big factor is reliability. My old OM10 , OM40 and OM1 were superb cameras that went on and on without any issues. My film SLRs which were Canons both failed as did my P&S canons and Fujis.

              Something about the build quality and design. The Olympus brand speaks to me.



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                Re: So what made you Choose Olympus then?

                When I was buying a digital SLR I looked at what was available which consisted of the Nikon D50, the Canon 350D and the Olympus E500. They were all similar of price but what struck me was that the E500 had much better build quality - the Canon flexed in my hands! Also the kit lenses were s much better. Plus, at the time, Olympus were the ony manufacturer to offer a supersonice wave filter (or equivalent).

                I also like the quality of the image from Olympuscameras and the lenses seem to be second to none


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                    Re: So what made you Choose Olympus then?

                    It seemed to me that the reviews for any camera make are based on original factory setting so the ability to customise setting was a major factor in buying any brand. I must say the ability to customise the white balances is most impressive with the night shooting I do. Also being on a limited budget norrowed my choice to the lower end of the market and the E500 was being phased out by the E510, but the biggest factor for me would have to be how it felt in my hands, not to big or small and the buttons well place and easy to adjust to from previous cameras.
                    Having moved from bridge camera, on reflection mayby should have waited and bought a liveview model, due to the number of odd angled shots I used to take. It's supprising how much this have effected my stance not being able to see into the eyepiece, but I guess this would have been the case with the competitors anyhow, and when I come to upgrade in the distant future will be my first priority.
                    E500 - E600 - E620 - HLD5 x2 - 17.5-45mm - 14-42mm - 14-45mm - Sigma 30mm f1.4 - 25mm f2.8 - 40-150mmMI (3.5) - Sirius 60-300mm f4-5.6 - Chinon 55mm f1.4 - Chinon 200mm f3.5 - FL50 - FL36 - Raynox DCR2020PRO



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                      Re: So what made you Choose Olympus then?

                      Well now, I was a big Nikon fan but when the D50 came along they downsized the memory to sd cards. I don't care for them and had a stock of compact flash. Many years since I was a Leica fiend but eventually went to an slr from an M3 to an Minolta slr. I gave up eventually for many years but had always liked my friends Olympus film cameras with the one consideration that they were rather small for my hands. When it came to looking round the E500 seemed rather good and fitted my needs especially with the 14-54 lens so I bought it from Fotosense as they were prepard to substitute the kit lens for the 14-54 without robbing me blind. i have upgraded to the 510 which is a superb camera and not too heavy to lug about.


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                        Re: So what made you Choose Olympus then?

                        I almost stumbled into buying an Olympus when I bought my E-400 last spring.

                        I was looking for my first dslr and had what I thought was a good shortlist, on paper, but when I went to look at the cameras I was quite disappointed so carried on looking around - even in department stores. A sales assistant in John Lewis showed me the E-300 and I was quite impressed, but not convinced enough to buy it then and there, so I went into some other shops and saw the E-400 in a branch of LCE. It looked so completely different from the others, but when I picked it up it felt absolutely right for me to use.

                        Since then I've had a lot of fun with my camera, and I can happily carry it and lenses all day without getting shoulder ache and I've been delighted with what it can do, although compared with the new models it's a bit outdated.

                        This evening I started a night class - to learn a bit more. I'm the only person there with an Oly, the tutor hadn't seen any model of Olympus dslr before and when he handled it he was seriously impressed. I wondered what he'd have thought had I had an E-3.
                        - my pictures -


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                          Re: So what made you Choose Olympus then?

                          When I was 21 I was trying to photograph butterflies and Olympus were the ones who had everything for macro. I had little money and couldn't afford all of the stuff I wanted (bellows and auto extension rings and Oly macros) but they had such a reputation that I bought my OM2n and a tamron 90mm macro (still my favourite of all macros but just used less now). But I didn't ever get the dream system and by the time I could afford all of the stuff I could have dreamed of Olympus had moved on.

                          When a few years ago I decided to go to digital I looked for a digital with really good macro and found the very impressive camedia range and had a couple of them, the last being a C5050. Which has great macro capability (but a real performance of menus to get it set up).

                          So when I realised camera companies weren't going to do digital backs to their old cameras I looked at DSLRs and tried a Canon 5D. It was lovely but a bit heavy and the lenses were expensive. Jessops nearly sold it but I was worried about dust. They had stopped selling Olympus (a bit of a tiff) and rubbished the E500 a bit.

                          I looked for a shop that sold both! Travelled the 60 miles and said I'd like to try the Canon 5D, 30D against the E500 and E1. Thank goodness for me the shop was a good one. He said if I wanted I could try anything but what did I want to do? They all take pictures.

                          Out came the above story and I ended up staying with Olympus (shop assistant was an Oly film user and showed me an 30x20 photo print from an E1) and being very happy with the E500 and then a bargain E1 two months later (justified on the basis of the cost of buying a faster charger, spare battery and free camera bag alone!).

                          I just wish for two things.

                          1. Olympus would get more lenses/equipment for macro and close-up fans

                          2. They'd work harder at getting smaller local shops to sell them and the big lenses.

                          long answer!

                          Peter (Art Frames)

                          You can see some of my things on Flickr


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                              Re: So what made you Choose Olympus then?

                              I used to own a Canon setup when I was younger with very little spare money I managed to purchase a nice collection of glass. Then Canon pulled a dirty trick and changed the lens mount so overnight I had obsolete lens. Canon have recently done the same with my scanner in not releasing a driver for Windows Vista.

                              I had a choice of Nikon or Olympus. Nikon have a good record of making their lens compatible across the generations of cameras. I went with Olympus because:

                              1) the four thirds system is designed for digital from the ground up
                              2) the long-focal length lens are a more managable size
                              3) the four thirds dimensions are a much more natural print size to the eye


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