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    Because most of my photography is done in a studio, manual mode is used extensively. However I keep the cameras set to iAuto in the bag with the snap focus disengaged.

    This works well for me, but I feel I'm missing the advantages of having "my sets" configured for some other styles of photography, such as "street", land/city scape, etc..

    I fully understand that much of the settings are very personal preferences, but what are considered to be the best functions to configure and save to a "my set" ?

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    Re: My Sets

    Hi Graham,

    Well, this is what I do:

    Myset1: General shooting. S-AF, back-button focus, A-mode, Auto ISO, single-shot
    Myset2: People. S-AF with face-detect, shutter-button focus, A-mode, Auto ISO, single-shot
    Myset3: Action. C-AF, shutter-button focus, S-mode, Auto ISO to 6400, hi-speed continuous
    Myset4: Long exposure landscape. S-AF, back-button focus, M-mode, ISO 200, LiveTime, bright rear EVF (normally live time dims it)

    I like Mysets. The implementation on the Pen-F is even better since there are four custom settings on the mode dial now (to replace the stupid SCN, Photo-story, ART etc). Since the Pen is useless at action, I use the fourth setting for manual lenses:

    MF with peaking, Single shot, Auto ISO, A-mode
    E-M1ii, Pen-F and too many lenses
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      Re: My Sets

      I nearly always shoot in A mode apart from when I use flash and then it's normally M.

      On the E-M1 mk1 I have two mysets allocated to SCN and Art on the mode dial, one is for CAF and burst shooting and the other is for the x2 DTC which I use for macro a lot.

      On the Mk2 I've changed slightly.
      C1 has become my normal starting position ie A mode, back button focus, single shutter silent, ISO 200, centre point focus.
      I can progress from this to whatever setting I need.
      If the camera is turned off it will resume back at my starting point, so no more "oh bxxxxxks" I've left the camera in Iso 6400 when out shooting landscape.
      If the camera goes to sleep it will remember the setting as they are.
      I try to always leave the camera in C1.

      C2 is CAF as on the Mk1

      C3 is x2 DTC as on the Mk1.

      If also find this much more of an advantage as it's only one or two clicks of the mode dial to change setting and not right round the other side and getting lost where I am.

      I've only been using it like this for a couple of weeks and may change, but at the mo it seems to work well.

      I hope this makes sense.
      All the best

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        Re: My Sets

        Oly5 Mark II
        Here are my settings. For now, just "Myset 1" which I call SOS
        Yellow Focus Peaking ON

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