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Macro ring lighting unit (not a ring flash)

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  • Macro ring lighting unit (not a ring flash)

    A friend sent me this link and the competitive price looks too good to be true. Other JJC products are OK but this is the first time I heard of this one. With adapter rings for 52mm, 58mm and 67mm, it should work with my 12-50mm, 40-150mm and 100-300mm lenses.

    I am no good with light strength calculations and so will someone (or more) take a look at the specs and tell me what they feel? Can this be used as a light source for macro?

    [ame] =1-2&tag=10xxx10403-21[/ame]

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        I bought something similar from a company called Neewer. Its battery pack sits in the hotshoe, or you can just let it dangle. The construction is light weight but adequate. I had to reinforce the strain relief where the wire exits the housing but otherwise, no complaints. Includes a mains adapter for home use. Very nice light, but just a couple of stops worth. I don't use mine above f8 or so unless working with a close up subject. The light also works as a focusing aid in poorly lit condition. Despite the multiple ring adapters, (the Neewer unit) doesn't work on a lens wider than about 35mm, I suspect this one has similar limitations, due to the depth of the housing. Overall, a very good value, so long as one doesn't expect it to replace a true flash unit.


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          Oh, I should have added, if you go to my website ( and scroll down fourteen galleries you can see a picture of the Neewer unit on my 620 and seven images of fungi shot with that light. This unit should produce very similar results, I'd think.
          I think I was using the 50mm, but have also used it on the 40-150 in mild shade at about a meter distance. That seemed to be about the limit of its light output.


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            Re: Macro ring lighting unit (not a ring flash)

            As Stewart says, it makes a good focus aid, but I found it (or something very similar) pretty low in light power & not good enough for any decent macro shots (even with the 35mm lens), so I just used it for night focussing assistance as seen with this set-up & twin flashes for the exposure.

            With results like this (using a Sigma 150mm macro lens).

            Hope that helps.
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              Ross, that's a fantastic shot and a dreamy rig, looks like a perfect set up. I should have added better particulars to my post:
              I hit a vignette limit around 35 mm focal length using the 12-60 with a 72-67 step down ring so the led light could fit (poorly) on that lens. Not a good test at all. I imagine the 35mm macro would be a decent match for these led ring lights, makes me wish I had one.
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                Re: Macro ring lighting unit (not a ring flash)

                You need flash.

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                  Re: Macro ring lighting unit (not a ring flash)

                  A freind bought one of these things for £20 or so. He was very impressed with the results.
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