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  • Flash Newbie.

    Hi everyone,
    I have a Pen-F with the tiny add-on flash but would like to get something more versatile and also be able to start experiment & use off camera / remote fired flash for my photographs.
    Can anyone recommend a reliable, wireless system- flash transmitter & receiver(s) ,that will work with 3rd party flashguns and my Pen-F without spending a fortune as I'm new to using flash and don't have the funds for the Olympus flashguns.
    I've been researching but keep getting very confusing & often contradictory information on this, even from well known retailers I've visited !

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    Re: Flash Newbie.

    Can't help with off camera flash bits. In fact Flash on the camera is a bit of a mystery to me. I usually switch to Auto to use flash.

    Does not answer your Q at all I'm afraid.............


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      Re: Flash Newbie.

      It depends on whether you want/need TTL flash or are happy to work manually and also whether you want/need to adjust the flash remotely. There are numerous options for trigger systems and flashes, depending on what you're looking to do.

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        Re: Flash Newbie.

        I have and use an extensive range of flash equipment.

        The FL 36R, 50R, 300, 600 will all functionality via the small flash you have in Remote Control mode. However they are not cheap...

        I use old OM T20 guns and Sunpak guns (eBay) and fire them with

        PiXeL Pawn radio triggers or a simple PC sync cable. I also use optical slave triggers, again from eBay.

        A really cheap way of building a flash system and because it has to be done manually, you will get a good understanding of how to adjust the lights and exposure to get the desired end result.

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          Re: Flash Newbie.

          If you're just looking for a flash trigger, link below to the set that I use.

          With studio lights, I trigger one main flash and any additional heads will fire
          simultaneously, via built in slave cell. It's easy and inexpensive to add slave cells to portable flashguns. With my studio lights, I do use a flash meter but
          with digital cameras and being able to instantly see the image, it's not totally necessary.